Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wilson is 1!

Wilson's mom (I LOVE the name Wilson) wanted a nautical/shark themed cake for his first birthday. She sent me his invitation and it had a chevron pattern on it which I love! So I definitely wanted to incorporate that but I heard from a reliable source that it's not an easy task to make a chevron pattern for an entire tier. That's why I just used it for the name plaque...I thought it would be cute and also it saved me from some un-needed stress. =) I also needed a shark because lets face it, you can't have a shark themed cake without a shark. How cute would it have been to make a whimsical 3D shark topper? Super cute! Well, this one just ended up being a 2D shark. He has a fin that sticks out of the cake so that makes him 2D. Then I added a few other little sea creatures like a crab, sting ray, jelly fish and an octopus. Actually, he's more like a quadropus...quadopus? He's a 4 legged pus. Haha! Oh and I added that little life saver thing because the party plates had that on them. I made it from "memory" and then after I put it on the cake, I looked it up and they actually have 4 red stripe thingys and mine only has 3. My memory didn't serve me too well with that one! Oh well, I think you still know what it was meant to be. Here is Wilson's cute little invitation...
No, she didn't send out smudged invitations and no, the shark wasn't drinking blue koolaide. I smudged out the address so that no strangers show up at Wilson's house unexpectedly with a towel to swim and eat cake. =)

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