Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ariana is 14!

Ariana gave me free reign over her cake and I was so excited! That doesn't always happen and I'm okay with that. It was just a special treat for me! =) You can't see the top of the cake in the first pic so here is what it looked like. I apologize for the quality and the lighting...I took it with my iPhone.

Sebastian's Mod Monkey Cake

Mod Monkey themed cake for Sebastian. =)

Happy Birthday Nicolle!

I had previously made a cake like this one and I loved it so much that I was excited to be able to make it again for Nicolle! =)

Graham Turns 1

Graham's mom sent me a picture of a cake that she wanted, but she wanted to change the colors to aqua & brown. So here is his mini three tier safari cake. =)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Madeline's Purple Minnie Mouse Cake

I was so excited when Madeline's mom asked me to do a Minnie Mouse cake with purple instead of the typical pink or red! Purple is my 2nd favorite color next to turquoise. =) I made the little girl out of fondant with tylose powder added to it. I made her tutu with real tulle. =)

Oh and I also have a new logo, as you can see! Yay!

Abraham Turns 1

This was my first time making minions! They were actually quite fun to make. =) Abraham's mom told me how she wanted the cake to look so I made it to her specifications. Turns out she's a pretty good cake designer! I think it would have been cute to put costumes on a couple of minions but since it was my first time making them, I just did them "normal". Haha

Ayvah's Doc McStuffins Cake

Ayvah's mom sent me a few pictures of Doc McStuffin cakes for inspiration. I used them to create this cake. =) I didn't know how good the characters would turn out if I had modeled them by hand so I went ahead and used real toys instead. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Andre Turns 3

This was my first time making a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake and I didn't want to attempt to make the characters! I feel that they need to be pretty exact or else they just look silly and I didn't want that! So I just went with real toy characters. =)

Jacob's Pocoyo Cake

This Pocoyo cake was a new theme for me. I wasn't sure how my characters would turn out but I agreed to make them because they seemed like they wouldn't be TOO complicated. Thank goodness they turned out okay! =)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Avery's 1st Birthday

Avery's mom drew me a picture of the cake design that she wanted and I brought her creation to life. 

Emmeline Turns 2

I had never heard of The Fresh Beat Band until Emmeline's grandma told me that she loved it and they wanted that to be her cake theme. I thought it was such a cute theme for a cake and I had such a fun time making it!

Zane Turns 6

 Zane wanted a Power Ranger cake for his birthday. After lots of research, I found a cake similar to this one that I thought was really cute so I went ahead with making that my inspiration cake. =)

Janie's Hello Kitty Cake

Janie's big sister ordered this cake for her and wanted Hello Kitty & ballet shoes. =)

Happy Birthday Brandy!

My sister Brandy flew in from Seattle to visit a couple of weeks before her birthday. We threw a surprise party for her to celebrate her birthday while she was in town. She knew that I was going to be making a cake for her but she didn't know about the party. So the little 2 tier cake was made as a decoy and the real party cake was hiding at my mom's best friend's house until the party. =) The inspiration for the beach cake came from a cake by Little Cake Cupboard. 



Welcome Baby Blakely

This cake was designed based on the baby bedding for Blakely's nursery.

Jazilyn Turns 7

This cake was based on the Monkey Love party theme from Party City. =)

Baby Girl


Ashley Turns 5

A Monster High cake for Ashley. =)

Happy Birthday to my Grandma!

I made this cake for my grandma based on a Pink Cake Box cake design. =)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

University of Texas Dental Graduate



Holly's 28th Birthday

Jayceon & Jordeyn

4"-6" + super mini
These cakes were for 2 brothers celebrating their birthdays together. =)

Baby Mya

A sweet little baby shower cake for baby Mya. =)

Teclesha's Graduation Cake

University of Houston grad cake for Teclesha. =)

Happy Birthday Mom!

I made this cake for my mom's birthday. The original design was made by Rebecca Sutterby. I showed my mom a pic of Rebecca's cake and she wanted her birthday cake to be just like it, so that's what she got! =) And here is my mom & her best friend at their birthday celebration. =)

Ms. Jo's Birthday!

This cake was made for my mom's best friend, who is pretty much my second mom. =) We always celebrate their birthdays together because they are 2 days apart. I love you, Hobs!

Cole Turns 3

Cole's mama told me that he wanted a dump truck cake. This is what I came up with. =)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Mini Two Tier Cakes =)

I had 3 of the same size cakes for this weekend...I love this size! The 2 girly cakes were for my mom and her best friend since their birthdays are only 2 days apart. 

Ari's 5th Birthday

This is my version of a carnival cake. =) The popcorn box is rice crispy treats covered in fondant.

Micah Turns 1

Sesame Street cake. =)

Baby Anahyla

This baby shower cake was made to match the colors from the Modern Mommy plates from Party City.

Khristine's 21st

Tiffany gift box cake for Khristine's 21st birthday.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baby K

My customer sent me a pic of a cake to replicate. It was a two tier cake and the pic was a low resolution and it blurred when I zoomed in to see the details on the bunting flags. So I googled to find a larger image of the cake and I discovered that the originator of this cake was someone from Chef Duff's staff at Charm City Cakes! The cake was originally designed based on a party invitation for a little girl's birthday. Her cake and party was featured on the Hostess With The Mostess blog. You can see it here.
This cake that I made was for a baby shower welcoming a little boy. =)

Mia Turns 1

Mia's dad sent me a picture of a cake that they wanted made for Mia's 1st birthday and this is what it looked like. =)

Baby Josiah

Just a little baby shower cake with a little teddy bear on top. =)

Jayden & Cash

Jayden's mom sent me a picture of a cake that she wanted to have made and asked for a super mini cake to match for his little cousin Cash. =)

Bridal Shower Cake

This cake was made for a lingerie bridal shower. =)

Baby Boy

This cake was made to match the baby shower invitation. The cake was really cute in person, but for some reason, it didn't photograph well at all. So the "best" pic that I have of it is this less than desirable iPhone pic. The recipients were thrilled with it so that's all that matters! =)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Baby Madeleine

I made this cake a couple of months ago and I just realized that I never posted it on here! I don't know how I missed it! Anyway, the request was for a cake similar to a Valentine's Day cake that I made for my family a couple of years ago but to change the colors and make it look like a baby shower cake. So this is what I came up with! You can see the cake that she wanted me to use for inspiration here. The Valentine's cake was the first open lid gift box cake that I had made and it had waaaaaay too much "tissue paper" on it! So I toned it way down for this cake and I liked it much better. =)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tiny Cakes for Brooke & Chance

These cakes are both 3"-4". I call them my "super minis" since I have two other cake sizes that I call minis as well. They were made as a surprise for my mom's best friend's daughter and grandson for their birthdays. Here is a size comparison picture so you can see how small they are.

My teeny tiny little ducky...
And her is the handsome Mr. Chance with his cake...=)