Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome Baby Ilianna

I received a request for this cake, with a picture of a cake made by Sandra's Cakes. How many times should the word "cake" be used in a sentence? Anyway, the cake was super cute but a few changes were requested such as the birds and the egg in the nest topper. It's a really good thing that my cakes are whimsical because a lot can be gotten away with under the "whimsical" hat. For instance, no one can convince me that the tiny little mama bird laid that ginormous egg. But hey, the cake is "whimsical" so it doesn't matter. Maybe the daddy bird laid the egg? When it came time for the cake's photo shoot, I picked out this pink leopard print (or leppid print, as my sister calls it) and started snapping away. Then I thought maybe I should use a less...busy background just in case this one would hurt the eyes of the viewers. So I did. I chose a sort of robins egg blue, solid background that wouldn't take away from the cake at all. I then sent the pictures with both backgrounds to my sisters and asked them which they preferred and guess what? They both chose this one! I knew they were my sisters for a reason! I actually have 3 sisters but I guess 1 was busy because I only got a response from 2 of them. That doesn't make sister #3 any less cool, as I'm sure she would have chosen the leppid background as well.  As it turns out, the solid blue background took away from the cake and this pink leppid background made the cake even better! =D

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