Saturday, August 25, 2012

Purple & Damask Baby Shower Cake

This cake is basically a replica of the cake that I made with the pram stroller on top. Only that one was pink and this one is purple and black. (obviously) I just switched out the pram for the baby shoes. For the damask print, I used a stencil and some royal icing. I'm still learning how to do this! I thought for sure that it would be pretty easy to accomplish but for me, it's not. There are lots of different techniques that people use to stencil on their cakes and I've tried a few of them but nothing works very well for this girl. I kinda just hold the stencil on the cake and stencil little sections at a time and move my fingers to hold it in a different spot as I move along. Fool proof method? Nope. But it's the only way that I can achieve this for now! =)

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Catherine said...

Your cakes are SO beautiful!!! How did you make the flowers and shoes for this?!