Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gender Reveal Cake

This cake was originally going to be a two tier cake. It was for a gender reveal party for some friends of my parents. One tier definitely had to be chocolate so I made that the bottom tier. That left the top tier to be the one with the gender reveal color. Well, my mom wanted to play a little joke on them and make the first tier that they cut into be pink and blue to throw them off. Haha That meant that we needed another tier that would reveal the real gender of the baby. So it became a three tier cake!  Here are some pictures that my sister captured with her iPhone during the cutting of the cake...notice the confused look of the daddy in the blue shirt in this first pic! haha
Good thing they have a sense of humor...
 And now the REAL reveal....
Can you see what it is?? It's a BOY!! =) They were thrilled! They have 2 little girls and now they are getting a little boy to finish off their precious family. =)
Here is what the mommy had to say...
"I must say that we enjoyed the fruits of your labor tremendously and will never forget the special touch you gave to our surprise!!!! It was just as delicious as it was beautiful!!! Thank you so much Dusty"

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