Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pram Baby Shower Cake

This cake was designed to match the baby bedding for the nursery. They also requested to have a stroller on the top so I made this one based on a tutorial that I found online. 

Kelby Turns 4

This is a replica of my very first fireman cake that I made. The customer's request was to add a "4", make the name smaller and to add a fireman on the bottom tier. =)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jazilyn's Hippie Chick Birthday Cake

Jazilyn's mom sent me pics of the decorations for her upcoming Hippy Chick party and I was asked to design the cake based on that. I did a search and found other Hippy Chick birthday cakes but none of them suited my taste so I came up with this design. =)

Maksud's 1st Birthday Cake

Maksud's mom sent me a picture of a cake with polka dots and jungle animals, along with an invitation with the actual colors that she wanted for the cake to be. Here is the invitation...
I came up with a design with those colors, the polka dots from the cake in the picture that she sent me and the animals. I am a big fan of bunting so I added a bunting banner on this cake just because. =) This was the first time that I made an elephant and a lion standing up rather than sitting down and I must say, I like them better standing. =)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Donovan's 2nd Birthday

Donovan's dad wanted a little cake for him and told me that his two favorite movies are "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Megamind". He left everything else up to me. I decided to do the dragon one because I've seen the movie and loved it! I made Toothless the dragon out of clay because it was easier than to have made him with gumpaste and have to support his upper body with something while he dried. The clay held up on its own so that was awesome and it also gives Donovan a keepsake for when the cake is long gone! =)

Olivia June

When I got the order for this cake, I was told the theme was Tiffany blue with white birds and that I could add a little pink if I wanted. Wellllll...I "wanted"! I love pink. I may have added more pink than I should have but I kinda think you can never add too much pink. ;-)

Jose & Brenda's Anniversary Cake

This was an anniversary cake for one of my really good customers. =) I was only given 2 must have's for the cake. #1 was the color sage green, which was their wedding color and #2 was calla lily flowers because that was the flower of choice for their wedding. I had NO idea how to design this cake and it was kinda stressing me out a bit. I searched and searched for ideas and came up with nothing. I did find 1 cake that was yellow and green so I decided that yellow would be my 2nd color. I covered the tiers in yellow fondant, stacked them and then sat and stared at them for hours, just hoping that the cake would somehow point me in the direction that it wanted to be decorated! But it never did. Horizontal stripes popped into my head and I got excited! But then I didn't know what tier I was going to do those on. =/ Finally I decided on the bottom tier. Then eventually I came up with the top tier design. It's crazy that such a simple design would take FOREVER to come up with!! lol

Cadyn's Pinkalicious Birthday Cake

I had never heard of Pinkalicious when I received the order for this cake. Thank goodness for Google! Cadyn's mom sent me pics of 4 different cakes that she liked but left the design up to me. I took one of the cake designs and added the "Dusty touch" to it and this was the result! I could really use some training on making edible people though! Haha

Oscar Turns 1

Oscar's mom sent me a couple of pictures of cakes for inspiration. She definitely wanted Yoshi sitting on top of the cake and stars on wires. There are lots of Super Mario Bros cakes out there so I decided to play it safe and follow the lead of the other cake makers and stay inside the box with this one. =) Yoshi was made with gumpaste and if I hadn't procrastinated, I could have made him sooner and perhaps even done a better job on him!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Fun Cake

This cake was made for a friend/co-worker of my dad that did something amazing and heart warming for him. His name is Todd. This was our way of saying thank you. =) Todd has a beautiful wife and 2 adorable little girls so I made the cake with them in mind. The top tier is strawberry cake and the bottom tier is chocolate. Thank you so much Todd!! We appreciate you!!

Happy Birthday to my Grandma!

My mom designed this cake for my grandma. We loved the way it turned out. =) The top tier is strawberry cake with buttercream filling and the bottom tier is creme brulee cake with caramel buttercream filling. Happy Birthday Maw Maw! We love you!