Monday, January 13, 2014

Ramiro Jr. is 1

I had the privilege of making the baby shower cake welcoming baby Ramiro and now was able to make his 1st birthday cake. =) Blue's Clues themed cake with all characters made of fondant. 

Carlos Turns 40

This cake was ordered by Carlos' wife and she said they were having a Monte Carlo themed party for him. We thought it would be cute to put Monte Carlos on the cake. =)

Genesis Turns 1

I had the privilege of making the baby shower cake celebrating baby Genesis and now I was able to make her 1st birthday cake as well! =)

Christmas Cookies

Cookies that I made for the holidays. =)

Delilah Turns 3

Ballerina themed cake for Delilah. I used the awesome tutorial from Peggy of Peggy Does Cake for the ballet slippers. =)

Melissa's Nurse Grad Cake

This cake is another replica of a previous cake of mine. All accents were made with fondant. Congratulations Melissa!

Dylan & Angel

This cake was made for brothers celebrating their birthdays on the same day. 

Welcome Baby Murphy

This cake was made based on another cake that I made a couple years ago. The teddy bear, baby shoes, pacifier and bows were made with fondant. =)

James Turns 10

This football themed birthday cake for James was inspired by a football cake that I made in my first year of making cakes. =)

Teacher Themed Cookie Toppers

I made these cookie toppers for my sweet friend Lindsey over at Smash Cakery. Her sister graduated from college and is becoming a teacher. Lindsey made the chocolate covered Oreos and I supplied the toppers. =)

Parisian Bridal Shower

A little Parisian themed bridal shower cake. The poodle and bow were made with fondant. =)

Baby Jesse

This is a replica of a nautical themed baby shower cake that I made recently but with yellow instead of red. =)

Elizabeth's 5th Birthday

Princess themed cake for Elizabeth! The tiara and bows were made with fondant. =)

Madelyn Turns 2

Madelyn's Minnie Mouse themed cake and coordinating chocolate covered Oreo cookies. =)

Fall Themed Cookies

Fall themed chocolate covered Oreo cookies for Thanksgiving. =)

Baby Jaxson

I designed this cake using the colors from the baby shower invitation. The cupcake toppers were made in coordinating colors and baby boy theme. The monkey topper was made with fondant. =)

Welcome Charley Ann & Beau Martin


I was given the option to make either 1 big cake or 2 small cakes for this baby shower for boy/girl twins. I decided to go with the 2 small ones. =) The host of the baby shower used a vintage pram as a decoration for the shower. I loved that idea so I made pram toppers for the cakes. You can't see inside the prams in the pictures but the 2nd picture shows the babies that are in the prams. 

Nathan is 3

Cars themed cake for Nathan and coordinating chocolate covered Oreo cookies. =)

Nikki's 1st Birthday

This is a replica of a Strawberry Shortcake themed cake that I made last year. =)

Kailani is 1

Kailani's mom sent me a picture of a cake that she liked but she wanted it made more kid friendly for her baby girl. So I changed it up to suit her better. =) The cookies were created to coordinate with the colors and theme of the cake.

Tori's 1st Birthday Cake

Tori's mom threw a Minnie Mouse Bowtique themed party for her 1st birthday. I made a coordinating 4" baby sized cake for the birthday girl. =)

Flight Attendant Cookies

I was a flight attendant for 10 years before I resigned and started making cakes full time. That was my inspiration for these chocolate covered Oreos. =)

Cake #2 For Charity Paige

So my baby sister, Charity's birthday is October 1st. I made her a cake for her birthday. Our other sister, Bethany's birthday is October 25th and my birthday is September 30th. We decided to celebrate all 3 of our birthdays on October 25th, Bethany's birthday. So I went ahead and made a super mini cake for Charity on Bethany's birthday so that they would each have a cake. So Charity got 2 cakes this year. =)

Happy Birthday Bethany Joy!

I made this cake for my sister Bethany Joy. I decided to put her middle name on the cake so that I could use bigger letters since her first name is so long. She has 2 shih Tzu dogs so I made them out of fondant and put them on her cake as well. =)

Sophia Turns 2

Minnie Mouse themed cake and a coordinating 4" baby sized cake for Sophia. =)

Nautical Baby Shower

This nautical themed cake was made for a baby shower. =)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anthony Turns 1

Cat in the Hat themed cake for Anthony! The characters and accents were all made with fondant. =)

Jemma Turns 1

This is a Tinkerbell themed cake for Jemma. Her mom added the Tink topper after she picked up the cake. Coordinating 4" baby sized cake for the birthday girl. =)

Ordination Cake

This cake was made for an ordination. I made it according to the specifications that I was given. The pictures to the right in the collage are around the back of the cake. =)

Baseball Themed Chocolate Covered Oreos

I made these baseball themed cookies for my sister and her family in Seattle. =) 

John & Olivia

This is a bridal shower cake for John & Olivia. The little whale toppers were made with fondant. =)

Baby Longoria

I designed this cake using the colors that the mommy-to-be requested. All accents were made with fondant. =)

Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

This was my first time making chocolate covered Oreos with fondant toppers. I work two days a week for a new home builder and I made these cookies for the sales lady that I worked with. She would give a set to each family as they would close on their new home and she also would give them as gifts to realtors when she held realtor events. =)

Happy 22nd Birthday Charity Paige!

I made this cake for my baby sister's 22nd birthday. =) The original design was done by Cake Goodness. And here is my beautiful sister with her cake!

Baby Pryce

This was my first baseball themed baby shower cake and so much fun to make! All accents are made with fondant. =)

Baby Camila

A cute little panda bear baby shower cake welcoming little Camila! I made the panda with fondant, taking inspiration from one of Brenda's creations from Sugar High, Inc. =)

Hayden Turns 4

An Octonauts cake for Hayden! Everything is edible. I made the characters with fondant. =)

Baby Malani

This cake was for a baby shower welcoming baby Malani. =)