Saturday, July 30, 2011

Negar's 40th Birthday

Negar wanted a contemporary modern design for her cake so this is what we came up with. White almond sour cream cake. Edible glitter on her name and the 40. =)

Aliee's 1st Birthday

This cake is for my friend Tracee's adorable baby girl, Aliee! All white almond sour cream cake. Little smash cake to match. =)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zane's Super Hero Cake

I'm so relieved that this cake is finished and turned out cute! Making people out of fondant looks pretty easy but it's NOT...for me, anyway. It was stressing me out knowing that I was going to be making a little super hero. Good thing my cakes are whimsical so it makes it okay that my fondant people are not realistic! Haha
All 3 tiers are white almond sour cream cake with buttercream filling. =)

Cody's Transformers Cake

This was the second cake that was due this weekend that intimidated me! It was for my nephew, Cody. My first Transformers cake...I knew that I wasn't going to be making a Transformer out of fondant since I'm not near advanced enough for that, so my sister in law bought toys to use on the cake which helped me out alot! I had never made fondant look like it was peeling back on a cake before and I didn't figure it out until the day that it was due so I was stressing. But it came out just fine and my nephew loved it. =) The "dirt" that Bumble Bee is coming out of is oreo cookies that I put into the food processor. All three tiers are white almond sour cream cake. =)

Baby Sesame Street Cake

This was my first time making a Sesame Street cake and the characters to go with it. It was quite stressful to even think about making them! My baby Elmo started out thin and then he kinda gained weight when I put his head on and it was too heavy for his body and it squished him down a little and now he looks like a fat Elmo! haha You live and learn I guess! =) Big Bird even gotta a bit chubby after he was assembled as well. I guess that's what I get for making my little characters at the last minute! Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster are all hand made with fondant. The cake is all white almond sour cream cake.

Welcome Baby

The top tier is strawberry cake and the bottom tier is chocolate. Gumpaste baby shoes. =)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ivana's Christening

Both tiers are white almond sour cream cake. The bottom tier has buttercream filling and the top tier has strawberry buttercream filling. Fondant bow and cross topper.

Welcome baby Laylah

This is another version of my popular baby shower cake design. Both tiers are chocolate cake with buttercream filling. The shoes are gumpaste.

Kinsely's Baptism

Baby Kinsley lives in Korea and she came all the way to Houston just to have a Dusty cake! Okay, that's not really how it happened, but she does live in Korea! This cake is for my friend Krystal's baby girl. They are home in Houston visiting for the summer and Kinsley is getting baptized while she's here. =)
Both tiers are chocolate with buttercream filling.

M/I Homes Cake

This cake was made for an appreciation dinner for the builders at M/I Homes. The cake is chocolate and the "hard hat" on top is rice crispy treats covered in fondant. My hard hat making skills could use some work! lol The "hard wood flooring" was stained using gel food color and vodka. Tools are all fondant. =)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Welcome Baby Sebastian

Strawberry sour cream cake on top and white almond sour cream cake on the bottom. All of the animals are made with fondant.

Christening Cake


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Georgia's 1st Birthday

Georgia's mom wanted her cake to be pink, girly and sparkly =) The cake is chocolate. The crown is gumpaste and everything else is fondant. There is sparkly edible glitter on the crown, white band around the cake and also on Georgia's name...none of which you can see! It's really pretty when the light hits it. =)