Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Madeline's Purple Minnie Mouse Cake

I was so excited when Madeline's mom asked me to do a Minnie Mouse cake with purple instead of the typical pink or red! Purple is my 2nd favorite color next to turquoise. =) I made the little girl out of fondant with tylose powder added to it. I made her tutu with real tulle. =)

Oh and I also have a new logo, as you can see! Yay!

Abraham Turns 1

This was my first time making minions! They were actually quite fun to make. =) Abraham's mom told me how she wanted the cake to look so I made it to her specifications. Turns out she's a pretty good cake designer! I think it would have been cute to put costumes on a couple of minions but since it was my first time making them, I just did them "normal". Haha

Ayvah's Doc McStuffins Cake

Ayvah's mom sent me a few pictures of Doc McStuffin cakes for inspiration. I used them to create this cake. =) I didn't know how good the characters would turn out if I had modeled them by hand so I went ahead and used real toys instead.