Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jose & Brenda's Anniversary Cake

This was an anniversary cake for one of my really good customers. =) I was only given 2 must have's for the cake. #1 was the color sage green, which was their wedding color and #2 was calla lily flowers because that was the flower of choice for their wedding. I had NO idea how to design this cake and it was kinda stressing me out a bit. I searched and searched for ideas and came up with nothing. I did find 1 cake that was yellow and green so I decided that yellow would be my 2nd color. I covered the tiers in yellow fondant, stacked them and then sat and stared at them for hours, just hoping that the cake would somehow point me in the direction that it wanted to be decorated! But it never did. Horizontal stripes popped into my head and I got excited! But then I didn't know what tier I was going to do those on. =/ Finally I decided on the bottom tier. Then eventually I came up with the top tier design. It's crazy that such a simple design would take FOREVER to come up with!! lol

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