Monday, February 27, 2012

Ariana's Birthday Cake

There was a REALLY big mix-up on my part with this cake. The original cake that the customer requested was this one. So I made sure to write down all of the details and I even drew myself a little picture of the cake as a quick reference for me for when it came time to decorate it. The customer then changed the order altogether and requested something completely different...which was totally fine except for the fact that I completely forgot to update the changes in my cake order book and it totally slipped my mind that she had even made the changes! So when it came time to make the cake, I made it like the picture that I drew with the details that I had written, and not like the cake that she really wanted. I feel terrible about the mix-up...I've never done anything like that before. Luckily, she was a really good sport about it even though I know that she was disappointed. On a positive note, I will make sure that this never happens again! Both tiers are chocolate cake with cream cheese filling.

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AmyBeth said...

This is a true princess cake. Any girl would be lucky to have it. I'm sure she really liked it!