Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Angelene!

This was my first time painting a leopard print design on a was so easy, thank goodness! The last time that I made a leopard print on a cake was 2 years ago and I did it using fondant and not edible paint and it didn't turn out pretty at all! lol So from now on, if I need leopard print I will definitely paint it on there! The top tier is chocolate cake and the bottom tier is white almond sour cream cake. =)


Anonymous said...

Ok, I love your cakes and am starting to make my own up here in Washington. I reeeeally would love to know how you do all of your lettering and the detailed cut outs on the top tier. Do you have cutters or do you cut them out with an exacto knife? Thank you so much for any tips you're willing to give!

Dusty said...

Thanks so much! I use cutters for the letters and also for the cutouts on the top tier.