Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Ariana!

Ariana wanted a birthday cake with lots of fun colors. She specified the colors that she pink, purple, orange, lime green and turquoise. So cute together I think! This cake was originally going to be topsy turvy and due to certain circumstances, we will just call it "cake decorator error", it had to be completely revamped and turned into a regular tiered cake. I'm talking about having to disasemble the cake, cut the fondant off of all 3 tiers, carve the slanted tops off and make them flat and then re-icing and covering in fondant, etc. It all could have easily been avoided but I was in a hurry and had to suffer the consequences of my earlier actions. The top 2 tiers had ganache under the fondant but the bottom tier was iced in Swiss meringue buttercream. That stuff is awesome to work with, but once it's on a cake, the cake has to stay in a cool environment. I learned this the hard way the day before, when I put a cake iced with SMBC under the fondant, in a warm car to deliver it. So I knew that this cake needed to be kept cool during delivery without a doubt! I didn't know how to go about doing it so I called my mom and she came to Houston along with 2 of my sisters and my dad, to help me figure out how to deliver it without any mishaps. It was a 2 hour drive for them to come...I seriously think they love me! So what we did was get a sturdy cardboard box and taped ice packs to the sides of the box to keep that bottom tier cool in transit. We started the car ahead of time too so that it would be nice and cold in there when the cake went in. I was so worried about the cake handling the 40 min drive to the venue, that I rode in the cargo part of my little SUV with the cake to keep a close eye, and hand on the cake. The cake made it and I was so relieved!! My family and I celebrated by going to the Cheesecake of our most favorite restaurants. We love the food and we ALWAYS have to get cheesecake. One of my sisters and I shared a slice of white chocolate macadamia nut cheesecake and to tell you it was delicious would be an understatement! I've decided to get that kind from now on....I think. So here is what the cake looked like when it was in it's little refrigerated box and then me riding in the back with the cake...the "3" was taken off of the cake for transit because I was worried that it might break and I didn't want to take that chance.

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