Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Angie's 27th Birthday

Both tiers are chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling. Iced in buttercream and covered in Satin Ice fondant. This was the first time I made raspberry filling. I kept asking around at work for a good recipe and nobody had one so I used one that I found online. I should have asked my friend Jenn because she had 2 great recipes! The one that I made tasted pretty good but I'm going to try one of her recipes next time! I had so many problems with this cake and I had to make the top tier 3 different times. I wanted to cry! I'm not liking that Satin Ice fondant very much...it keeps tearing on me. I think I'm going to try a different brand. Oh and the color was supposed to be hot pink and the actual color looks more like a redish-pink. I used Duff's hot pink fondant and it's already VERY pink and when I put it on the cake it wasn't the color I wanted it to be. I thought it was so nice to have pre-colored fondant but next time I'll be mixing the color myself again!

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